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Free Network Tools

Use these handy free network tools to get a different view of your web site and network.
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Required legal information about these tools: provides these tools free of charge.
Because of the nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee information produced by the software.
This software is provided "as is". does not offer any support or warranty, express or implied, for this software.
Tool Usage Description Notes/Tips
Ping Ping is a tool that is used to test for "live" response from two machines on the Internet. It also helps diagnose local network problems. Ping your server from our New York City location to see responds. Don't forget that a "Request timed out" response does not necessarily mean there is problem. Your server or firewall might not allow Pings.
Forward Lookup NSLookup simply finds the IP Address associated with the domain name your entered.

It's always a good idea to make sure that and resolve to the same IP Address.

Reverse Lookup Enter an IP address and find to whom it is registered. Similar to a Forward Lookup, the IP address usually has a domain name associated with it. However, the value returned for a Reverse Lookup may appear different than what you expect. The name that is returned may be the ISP or business that owns the address.
TraceRoute A TraceRoute is basically a collection of Pings that shows the routes taken between two machines on the Internet. Using our TraceRoute can give you a different perspective on how your network and server is operating. Note that because TraceRoutes are really just Pings, be careful about diagnosing issues with "Request timed out".
Find MX Find MX is a handy tool that gets the Mail Exchangers (MX) records for a domain name. MX Lookup is a handy tool for diagnosing possible email sending and receiving issues.

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