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Premium 5 minute Monitoring

Fully functional 30 Day Free Trial. Up to three Monitors monitored from four locations. Free SMS, Email.
Premium 5 Minute Monitoring

Skip the free trial. Let me get started!
Free Website Monitoring

Your URL gets monitored every 60 minutes for free from one location.

Free Website Monitoring Signup will monitor your website every 60 minutes from a single location and send alerts to up to five email addressed if we discover a problem. Once we discover a problem we will check it every five minutes until the problem is resolved.

In order to provide the best possible service, we ask that you add a small button to the website you are monitoring. We actually monitor not only the web server that is hosting your site, but also for the content in the button HTML.

Why? Many times smaller sites are hosted on servers that are hosting hundreds, if not thousands of other sites. When your site becomes unavailable for whatever reason, a template page that is not your web site is usually displayed by the provider's web server. Because the code is no longer there, but the web server itself is running OK, we will send you an alert stating that the code is missing so you can properly investigate!

The free website monitoring program is automated and no login account is required.

Signing up is a simple, three step process:

  1. Enter your details, URL, and up to 5 email addresses to where you want the alerts sent.
  2. Pick which button you would like to display on your site. You can see the code for the buttons by clicking here.
  3. Place the HTML code of the button onto your website.

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Free Wesbite Monitoring
Free Website Monitoring
Free Website Monitoring
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